Why Do Sports Fans Hate on Athletes So Much?

On Saturday night, at the very end of a road loss to Texas Tech, Oklahoma State basketball star Marcus Smart shoved Jeff Orr, a self-described Texas Tech “superfan” who travels thousands of miles a year to attend the school’s games. The game broadcast makes it clear that Orr shouted something at Smart, and Smart responded by shoving the fan. It’s impossible to tell, from that video, what Orr said. 

Texas-Raised SEC Football Star Becomes the Biggest NFL Draft Story in Years by Coming Out

If Michael Sam does well in the NFL, the movie that will no doubt eventually be made about him will have a much more satisfying plot arc. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sam, the SEC’s reigning defensive player of the year who helped lead the Missouri Tigers to a 12-win season (and picked up a surprising #5 ranking by the end of the year), came out as gay. It would appear that after decades of waiting, Sam’s name finally became the answer to the ever-present question of “Who will the first openly gay NFL player be?” 

Ted Nugent Will Be Speaking at a League City Event For Veterans, Which Means Controversy Has Already Ensued

The fact that just seeing the words “Ted Nugent” tends to stir strong feelings in the reader probably the best thing in Ted Nugent’s life right now—except maybe for the chance to play “Stranglehold” to a screaming audience whenever he wants, or perhaps going bow-hunting. Still, to say that the Motor City Madman enjoys courting controversy would be an understatement. 

Is Texas Really the Second Most Hateful State?

Ask most Texans, and they’re likely to tell you that we are a friendly bunch. But, like most states, we have our share of bad apples. The Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based collection of civil rights lawyers and advocates, compiles a list of extremist and hate groups every year on its Hate Map, and this year, Texas ranks at no.2 in the nation with 62 active groups.

Houston History For Sale: $5

I don’t usually respond to email invitations from people I don’t know, but the invite from Judy Robinson, who runs one of Houston’s A-list estate sale companies, was hard to resist: “Estate Sale from the Houston Residence of the late Mildred Yount Manion II, Heiress from an Important Texas Oil Family and Kentucky’s Famous Spindletop Horse Farm.”


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