21st-Century Slacker

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Slacker, a couple of dozen filmmakers remake Richard Linklater's indie flick.
21st Century <em>Slacker</em>
The infamous Madonna Pap smear scene. Photo by Partick Rusk

A man and a woman sit at an Austin bar, just near closing time. Their conversation is witty, teasing, self-consciously “intellectual.” 

I’m an anti-artist … dedicated to the destruction of all art,” the man, played by Lars Nilsen, says, by way of flirting with the woman, a photographer played by Sarah Gay. The scene conjures up a curious sense of déjà vu: The images are crisp and pristine; the visual markers – a third character, played by Byron Brown, is busily typing away on his smart phone – entirely of the moment. Yet we seem to have heard this dialogue before. 

This is one of the segments that

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