All the Pretty Horses

The scenes in Wayne Baize’s drawings and paintings are rendered with so much self-restraint they’re nearly austere. A look at one of America’s most distinctive Western artists.
All the Pretty Horses
Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

Most western artists play up the majesty of wide-open plains or soaring mountains. Wayne Baize strives for something different. His drawings and paintings typically offer modest portraits of animals, often surrounded by a mere suggestion of location. A Hereford calf, a pinto donkey, or a mare and colt might be framed by nothing more than a sprig of grama grass or a Spanish dagger. Even when the environment determines the composition—a scene of horses watering at a stock pond, for instance—the edges usually fade into the ether. His subjects seem to step out of a dream or a memory, speaking to viewers who once lived the ranching life, or still do, or

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