App in the Heart of Texas

App in the Heart of Texas

Only a few years ago, the word was understood (if it was used at all) to mean chicken wings or jalapeño poppers or nachos. That time is gone forever. As even the proudest Luddite now knows, an “app” is something you download onto your handheld device or tablet, a helpful and fun piece of software that lets you check the weather or listen to the radio or read the paper or slingshot angry birds at irritating pigs. Apps, especially smartphone apps, appeal to our problem-solving natures. Want to translate a road sign, figure out the name of the song playing in a waiting room, or see where the nearest clean public restroom is? There’s an app for that.

With this issue, we’re rolling out two new apps, both of them the products of many months of research and development. The challenge and opportunity for all magazines today is to take a sensibility that was born (and still lives on) in print and transmit it onto the multiple platforms of the digital world. These two new TEXAS MONTHLY apps do exactly that. They are just as much a part of the magazine as, well, the magazine, so before I go on and on about how miraculous they are or what they’ll help you do, let’s start with the magazine. After all, that’s where the apps began too.

In your hands you hold (or on one of your screens you are preparing to read) yet another issue of TEXAS MONTHLY devoted to exploring the great outdoors. Over the

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