Art of the Weekend

Art of The Weekend
Green candies individually wrapped in cellophane.

Location: Dallas and Fort Worth

What You’ll Need: Sketch pad, beret

The body of downtown Dallas has been prayed over more times than I can count. And while it may take an act of God to finally bring the Trinity River Project to life, there’s no question that when the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts debuts, in October, downtown will have more energy than ever. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the fall for a great arts weekend in the Metroplex.


The immediate upside to checking in at the Joule, a boutique hotel on Main Street in Dallas, is that you have no doubt that you are traveling for pleasure, not business. Perhaps it’s the massive gears hanging next to the reception desk or the sleek, angular furniture reminiscent of a high-dollar, happy-ending version of A Clockwork Orange. The lingering effects are how plush and comfortable the amenities are, even if you spend the first fifteen minutes in your room figuring out how to turn on lights, open cabinets, and run water in the sink. After you unpack, head to the tenth-floor pool deck, with its wonderful view of Pegasus Plaza below and downtown buildings above. The star here is the pool itself: One end extends past the building and juts out over the street, a dramatic effect heightened by the fact that the far side is enclosed by what I can only assume is very sturdy glass.

When you’re ready for solid ground, zip over to the booming Arts District. You can monitor the construction progress of the Wyly Theatre and the Winspear Opera House, which are next to the famed Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Head a block southwest on Flora Street to soak up some sun in the outdoor sculpture

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