The Artist’s Transformation

How Trenton Doyle Hancock is reinventing his work.
The Artist’s Transformation
Photograph by Joo Young Choi 

Trenton Doyle Hancock stood at the back of his art studio, a warehouse space in the Acres Homes neighborhood that is filled with piles of cut-up paintings that he has been recycling since his career began twelve years ago.

He was looking at one of his new works, “The Den,” an 11-by-7-foot brown, orange and yellow honeycomb-pattern collage painting that appears to breathe, as if the viewer is hallucinating. It is the anchor piece for Hancock’s “… And Then It All Came Back To Me,” the first New York solo exhibition since 2008 for the 38-year-old rising star in the American contemporary-art world. It opens November 1 at the James Cohan Gallery.

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