The Ascent of Joe Lansdale

After three-plus decades toiling in semi-obscurity, the prolific Nacogdoches-based horror fiction author is having a moment.
The Ascent of Joe Lansdale
Photo by Karen Lansdale

The novelist Joe R. Lansdale, of Nacogdoches, has never been one of those authors determined to cultivate a reputation as a “serious” artist. He is much too busy writing: crime fiction and sci-fi fantasy, pulp tributes and young adult novels, comic books and horror stories.

Since publishing his first book, Act of Love, in 1980, Lansdale’s output has averaged more than one new volume each year. In 2011 alone, he released a young-adult thriller called All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky, and a novella, Hyenas, part of a long-running series featuring mismatched buddies Hap and Leonard solving crime in East Texas. That was in addition to editing two anthologies of short fiction.

Sometimes if I don’t write for a day or two, I get backed up — it’s like constipation,” Lansdale said

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