Bachelor Who Attempted to Abduct and Poison His Mail-Order Bride Convicted

The "kidnapper" David Sartin hired to ship his Ukranian mail-order bride in a crate from Kiev to Texas was an ATF officer.
Thu December 20, 2012 7:46 pm

A cozy prison jumpsuit awaits an Anahuac man who wanted to have his Ukrainian mail-order bride shipped in a crate from Kiev to his Texas home, where he planned to kill her.

A federal judge in Beaumont sentenced David Sartin, 49, to 10 years in prison Monday after he pleaded guilty to the bizarre plot in August, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Cindy Horswell. Prosecutors say that Sartin, 49, offered $50,000 to an undercover ATF agent in March to ship him his Ukrainian girlfriend after he discovered she had been cheating on him. Sartin told the agent he planned to have his way with her for a week, before using lead to poison her.

Sartin became acquainted with the woman, Elena Barykina, on a website called Dream Marriage, which bills itself as a “safe virtual environment [for Western men] to interact with pretty Russian Brides and beautiful Ukrainian Women genuinely interested in finding romance, love and happiness with the man of their dreams.”

What could go wrong?

According to a story Horswell penned in August, Sartin visited Barykina in Kiev six times, showered her with $15,000 in jewelry, and treated her to trips across Europe. Barykina was also an aspiring singer, and Sartin helped her pursue that goal by paying for classes. But then he discovered she both had another boyfriend in Ukraine and was using the Internet to meet other western men as well.

Sartin helpfully outlined his complaint with Barykina on a website called Internet Scams Watch in May 2011:

I have given to Elena Barykina $57,752.00 USD to date and I am still adding up the receipts

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