On the Beach

It’s time for grillin’ and chillin’—and we know just where to buy fresh seafood and have the perfect picnic on the sand.
Dunes at South Padre Island

Back in the spring, I came up with the notion of celebrating summer with a Texas seafood cookout on our very own Gulf Coast. I thought it was a good idea then, and I think it’s a good idea now. Despite the devastating effect of the BP oil spill on our neighbors in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, Texas has been spared. Prevailing ocean currents have kept the oil and tar far from our beaches, and locally caught seafood is safe. It’s true that supply and demand has caused prices to go up, but coastal markets are trying to keep them as low as possible.

So when you’re thinking about a weekend getaway, check out these recipes for sauces and seasonings provided by Bryan Caswell, chef and co-owner of Reef, in Houston. They’re delicious—and easy enough to prepare ahead of time and take to your favorite spot on the coast. Not only will you have a feast, you’ll win the gratitude of Texas fishermen, shrimpers, and other folks who depend on tourism for their livelihood.

If you’re still a little dubious, RoShelle Gaskins, spokesperson for the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, said, “We encourage people to visit galveston.com/webcams to see for themselves. Our beaches are looking great and we have not been impacted by the oil at all.” At Katie’s Seafood, also in Galveston, manager Nicholas Gutierrez said, “Federal agencies have closed a big chunk of the Gulf south and west of Louisiana, but they said the Texas coast is still safe to harvest from.” In Port Aransas, Colby Gilley, co-owner of the Port “A” Seafood Market, said,

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