Behind Bars

Four San Antonio women convicted of sexual assault fifteen years ago maintain their innocence and remain in prison.
Behind Bars
(From left to right) Cassandra Rivera; Kristie Mayhugh; Elizabeth Ramirez; Anna Vasquez.

It is 3,700 miles from my home in the Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada to Marlin, Texas. I never imagined that I’d be making that long trip every year. Then I found out about Anna Vasquez, Cassandra Rivera, Elizabeth Ramirez, and Kristie Mayhugh.

I teach Renewable Resources Management at Yukon College, in Whitehorse. Living in semi-wilderness with thirty huskies and gliding over the snow on a dogsled, I know solitude. Dealing with my own personal issues has left me with a deep desire to understand human behavior, both the good and the bad. I’ve been trained as a scientist but one of my interests is psychology, and a couple of years ago, on a library shelf at my college, I ran across an educational video: When Girls Do It: An Examination of Female Sexual Predators. I didn’t even know female sexual predators existed, so I did more research. I learned that some women are forced by men to abuse children, and the rare ones who do it on

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