Being An Aggie Is No Joke

Or is it?
Being An Aggie Is No Joke
"Squeeze, Ags!" These yell leaders — yes it’s true — squeezing their privates in order to share pain with the team on the football field. Nobody knows who first came up with this idea, but it’s never caught on with anyone but Aggies.
Photographs by Will Overbeek

As an Aggie myself, I can tell you that the people in the photographs on this and the following pages are all being Aggies. None of them are faking it. Nobody can fake being an Aggie. It has to come naturally to you, which is just another way of saying that Aggies are born, not made. You can develop and strengthen your innate Aggieness, as these cadets are doing. That’s the reason they’re at A&M.

Which doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for a regular college education, too. Nobody ever went to A&M who didn’t already know he needed to get smarter. If you came out of a Texas high school with any pretensions at all, you went someplace else: if you had social pretensions you went to SMU; intellectual pretensions, to Rice; spiritual pretensions, to Baylor; or if you had an arrogant bent in no special direction you went to t.u., the place in Austin with the Day-Glo tower. All these schools are designed to encourage your illusions, to make you believe you’re something you’re not. Aggies have no illusions. We know we’re Aggies, we know we need to go to A&M to develop the fine points of our character, and since a school motto is “Once an Aggie, always an

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