Ben Kweller Makes Some Noise

The Austin-based musician talks about his new album, his record label, and making viral videos with Jason Schwartzman.
Ben Kweller Makes Some Noise
Photo by Lev Kuperman

Last week, Ben Kweller was on his hands and knees on the front lawn of his South Austin office, helping a delivery driver shrink-wrap a pallet of one thousand CDs destined for Japan. When they had secured the goods, the thirty-year-old singer-songwriter—dressed in a black version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket and ripped jeans—popped a leg onto the boxes and threw up a devil’s sign, posing for a picture he immediately texted to his Tokyo distributor to show that the CDs were indeed on their way.

For the first time in his career, Kweller is in not only in charge of making the music, but also of the shipping and receiving department. And the

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