Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis

An extended interview with Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis.
Mon December 1, 2008 6:00 am
Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis
Photograph by Todd Wolfson

Austin’s favorite musical couple have separate careers: He’s just released The New World, and after recording Translated From Love, in 2007, she’s now taking a hiatus to focus on their four children. Yet they join forces every year to play a series of holiday shows in cities across the state. They kick off this year in Austin, on December 11.

Your holiday shows have evolved into a tradition for you. How did it all get started?

KW: Well, I don’t exactly remember. I do know that we just had a chance to play a show one year with Charlie [Robison].

BR: I think it was just a chance to get together and play. It was a time when everybody was really super busy, and we just booked one gig together with Charlie, and then he said Emily [Robison] wanted to play, and then Martie [Maguire] played, and then we booked him one more show

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