Buzz Bissinger & “Coach Taylor” Banter in Austin

Actor Kyle Chandler was among the fans at the BookPeople, where Friday Night Lights author H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger read from his new book Father's Day. 
Fri May 25, 2012 4:01 am

H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger has just published Father’s Day, a highly personal new book about his relationship with his 24 year-old brain-damaged son Zach.

But when the author of Friday Night Lights came to Austin for a reading Wednesday, he wasn’t above trading on his most famous, Texas-centric work, promising attendees they would get a glimpse of none other than Coach Eric Taylor:

“I started the rumor that Kyle Chandler is coming,” Bissinger said when he took the podium at Bookpeople. “That’s a lie, of course, because I wanted people to come.”

Actually, that was a lie. The actor, who now lives in the Hill Country, was just a little late.

And while the crowd of more than 50 people was obviously giddy to meet Chandler (who graciously posed with all phone-camera comers later) they were also more than happy to let Bissinger talk  Father’s Day - so much so that there weren’t even any questions about  After Friday Night Lights, the also brand-new e-book about Bissinger’s relationship with former Odessa Permian star Boobie Miles.

That might be in part because Boobie Miles is a real guy, not a Dillon Panther from TV. At Bookpeople, Bissinger said that he freqently has to tell people, “my book is not based on the television show.”

Father’s Day is built around a cross-country road trip Bissinger took with his developmentally disabled son Zach, who was born 13 1/2 weeks premature with brain damage. Zach still lives with Bissinger’s ex-wife and works as a grocery bagger. His twin brother, Gerry, arrived three minutes sooner, and did not suffer the same fate (he is now a teacher).

Bissinger both read and talked extemporaneously about this difficult-to-write story, which was a huge departure for the non-fiction author and investigative journalist.

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