That Championship Season

The Texas Rangers may not have won the World Series, but it was a year fans will never forget.
That Championship Season
The Texas Rangers sit in the dugout after losing to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. 

With apologies to Tony Bennett, the Texas Rangers left something important in San Francisco as well. As a result, their World Series dream season ended in Arlington on Monday night with a 3-1 loss to the Giants.

The Rangers’ bats, which carried the team to historic postseason firsts—a playoff victory, a division series win, and an American League pennant—never left the Bay Area for the return trip to Arlington.

After an 11-7 loss in Game 1, Texas scored in only three of their remaining 35 at-bats. That’s a total of five runs over the final four games of the series, including shutout losses in Games 2 and 4. During that stretch, the Rangers scratched out a total of 18 hits. You don’t have to

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