Pamela Colloff

Pamela Colloff

Six weeks after the publication of senior editor Pamela Colloff’s October story concerning the questions surrounding the Anthony Graves case, the Burleson County DA’s office dropped all charges and allowed Graves to walk after eighteen years behind bars (“ Innocence Found ”). Colloff immediately jumped in her car and headed back to Brenham for a follow-up. “This isn’t a happy ending,” says Colloff. “It took nearly two decades for the state to admit what was obvious to anyone who looked at this case: He was innocent.”

Jody Horton

Jody Horton

Jody Horton followed two basic rules when shooting “ The Least Dangerous Game ”, about squirrel hunting in East Texas. “I tried to capture what was happening,” he says. “And I tried to stay out of the way.” Horton, who has lived all over the world but has called Austin home since 2001, started out as the editor of a small food magazine in New Mexico, which sparked his interest in food photography. So what’s the verdict on eating squirrel? “A friend fricasseed one that was to die for,” he says.

Drew Friedman

Drew Friedman

Drew Friedman is a true bold-faced name in the art world, an illustrator renowned for his gentle (and not so gentle) caricatures of celebrities. So who better to do this year’s Bum Steers cover featuring Jerry Jones and Bevo? “The project was a bit tricky because Jerry Jones’s face has evolved over the years,” says Friedman, who is based in Pennsylvania. “But the challenge proved to be fun.” As for future Texas projects, Friedman already has one in mind. “I am looking forward to drawing Tom DeLay in prison garb.”

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