Cowboys 52, Texans 10

After ten seasons as a major NFL franchise, the Houston Texans are picking up some fans, but the blood of Texas still pumps Cowboy blue.
Root for the Home Team
Photo courtesy of the Houston Texans

Dallas Cowboys fans outside of Dallas who are in the market for a Tony Romo jersey (is anyone still in the market for a Tony Romo jersey?) can hit one of the team’s 41 pro shops, eighteen of which are far beyond the Metroplex. There are three in San Antonio, three in the Rio Grande Valley and even one in Katy, a mere forty miles from Reliant Stadium, where the Houston Texans have been playing in the NFL for ten seasons.

Needless to say, there is not a Texans pro shop anywhere near Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Texans fans who live outside of Houston struggle to even find gear.

Every year, I go to Academy or Dick’s or whatever to buy Texans stuff,” said Norm Andrighetti, 40, a Texans fan

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