DMN Nails It By Naming Admiral Bill McRaven the Texan of the Year

The decision to bestow the honor to the SEAL Team Six commander took “just minutes and was a shutout,” according to Dallas Morning News editorial page editor Keven Ann Willey.
Wed December 28, 2011 11:36 pm
Charles Dharapak | Associated Press

After Vice Admiral Bill McRaven led SEAL Team Six in a raid that resulted in the death of America’s public enemy number one (and made the world a safer place), it’s probably fair to say nothing would make 2011 a better year for the hero. But being named the Dallas Morning News’ Texan of the Year should certainly be another feather in his cap.

McRaven, now a four-star admiral, tends to give the press a wide berth, but he sat down for an hour-long interview with Dallas Morning News’ editorial board member Tod Robberson, who traveled to downtown Houston to meet the San Antonio-native in an undisclosed location (natch) in November. The paper ran a 2,700-word editorial on the Navy SEAL and posted text of the full interview online (both are behind the paper’s paywall).

On the details of the bin Laden raid, McRaven kept mum, an “easygoing but unmovable wall of silence.” McRaven wouldn’t utter even a word on his own reaction to bin Laden’s death: “McRaven was so tight-lipped about the operation, he wouldn’t even discuss the emotions he felt — happy, melancholy,

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