Downtown Denton

Plenty of college students frequent this historic area, but they’re not the only ones who avail themselves of the culinary, sartorial, and vintage offerings on hand.
by Darren Braun

 Beth Marie’s Old 
 Fashioned Ice Cream

The beaming staffers assure us they make a mean turkey sandwich on wheat for lunch, but we wouldn’t know. Not with more than one hundred flavors of homemade ice cream, from apple pie to raspberry truffle, begging to be tasted. We won’t admit how many varieties we’ve tried over the years (it’s hard to keep track when the selection changes so often), but we will say this: Our recent discovery of Dr Pepper ice cream forever changed the way we think about dessert. 117 W. Hickory, 940-384-1818,

Bumble Beads

The sign near the register 
reads “Your husband called and said buy anything you want.” That would make for quite 
a haul at this stylish bead store that’s far more than just a bead store. Offering one-of-a-kind items crafted by local artists, 
this small shop sells charms, semiprecious gemstones, 
decorative crosses, birdhouses, necklaces, and bracelets, among other things. And if the merchandise inspires you to try your 
hand at design, ask the staff members about their private classes. 105 1/2 W. Hickory, 940-380-1040,

 The Abbey Inn

It could be the church pews or the stained glass or the battle flags hanging from the ceiling that make this restaurant and pub feel so British (or maybe it’s the Boddingtons on tap). Regardless, the signature bangers and mash and the Scotch eggs (hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried) prove that owner Tim Trawick isn’t interested in appearances; he’s interested in the authentic experience. Even the hickory burger with barbecue sauce has an English pedigree; it’s made with Major Grey’s Mango

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