Drew Carries On

More than fifteen years after he retired from pro football, former Dallas Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson is back in the game—and he has the WWF's Vince McMahon to thank.

At a North Dallas restaurant, Drew Pearson is talking about the 1984 car accident that injured him and killed his brother Carey. The words don’t come easily. “It felt like a dream,” he says of looking over at his brother’s lifeless body in the passenger seat and then opening the door and slowly emerging into a sea of slow-motion flashing blue and red lights. Rising out of the driver’s seat, he had been oblivious to the fact that his liver had been cut almost in half, his clavicle had snapped, and his thigh had been punctured by the stick shift. The police had been astonished that Pearson had been able to crawl out of the twisted wreckage. As he describes years of guilt and sorrow, he stares blankly out across the tables of the restaurant. “Not a day, an hour, or a minute goes by,” says Pearson, shaking his head, “that I do not think about what happened.”

From behind him, a man in a suit walks up and places his hand on Pearson’s shoulder. “Drew Pearson?” he smiles. “You were great, man. Just wanted to tell you that.” And then the man walks back to his table, having reminded the Cowboy legend that it wasn’t only his brother

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