The Drop Everything List

Wurstfest, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Houston Rockets, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra . . .

Throw your plans out the window. We scoured the state in search of the top events and offerings, from the opera in Houston and Friday night lights in Odessa to surfing along the coast and hiking in the mountains. Here’s our super select guide to the things you absolutely can’t afford to miss.
[OCT 29– NOV 4]

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DSO Musicians


The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Plays the Score from Psycho
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, October 29 & 30, 8 PM
Bernard Herrmann once said that director Alfred Hitchcock “only finishes a picture 60 percent. I have to finish it for him.” It’s true; the composer’s scores are the tension wires that make the director’s, such as Vertigo and North by Northwest, go snap. For Psycho, Herrmann practically directed a movie within a movie—an aural depiction of a descent into madness that’s still riveting after 50 years. In a nod to Halloween, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will accompany two screenings of the horror classic with

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