The Drop Everything List

La Follia, Zine Fest, Love This Giant, and the Master Model Builder competition . . .
The Drop Everything List
Nammi Truck will be at Food Truck Palooza in Dallas. 

Throw your plans out the window. We scoured the state in search of the top events and offerings, from listening to a baroque ensemble in Austin to Lego’s Master Model Builder competition in Houston. Here’s our super select guide to the things you absolutely can’t afford to miss.
[October 5–October 8]



Gut It Out
La Follia is an Austin baroque ensemble composed of purists. In recreating historically informed “early music”—generally the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods—they reject modern advances like steel and synthetic strings, opting instead for “gut strings” made out of the intestines of sheep and cows. “Within reason, we use the instruments in the manner they were used, so the music can be heard more or less the way it was when the composer wrote it,” said James Brown, a member of La Follia. Brown is performing in the group’s new show, Viol Intentions, featuring the viola de gamba, the cello-guitar hybrid played with a bow. The concert’s featured piece, Bach’s sixth Brandenburg Concerto, incorporates two violas, two violas de gamba, cello, bass, and harpsichord. The absence of violin makes it rare, but putting the violas

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