The Drop Everything List

Texas Ranch Roundup, a screening of Antone's: Home of the Blues, the Tejano Music Awards, and the Texas Dance Hall Showcase . . .
The Drop Everything List
The Texas Ranch Roundup is the real deal. Only actual ranch hands can partcipate. Photo by Todd Halsey. 

Throw your plans out the window. We scoured the state in search of the top events and offerings, from a showing of a documentary about Antone’s, Austin’s famed blues venue, to the Texas Ranch Roundup in Wichita Falls. Here’s our super select guide to the things you absolutely can’t afford to miss.
[August 17–23]



Man the Ship
Loren Steffy, the Houston Chronicle’s business columnist, said recently that when he was a child his father took him to nearly every maritime museum on the East Coast. “We were always looking at ships,” Steffy said. “If we weren’t at a museum, we were at a marina.” His father, Dick Steffy, was an autodidact who transformed himself from a small town electrician to a worldly master restorer of sunken ships. Loren Steffy chronicles this improbable transformation and rise to the top of the field that his father essentially created—and that landed him a MacArthur “genius” grant—in his new book, The Man Who Thought Like a Ship. At a coming public discussion, Steffy will

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