The Drop Everything List

Learning Butchery, the Dragonfly & Damselfly Workshop, "The Price Is Right Live," and Boogie, Blues & Brews . . .
The Drop Everything List
The Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love brings celebrities and itinerants alike to West Texas. 

Throw your plans out the window. We scoured the state in search of the top events and offerings, from the learning butchery from an expert in Houston to getting a chance to be on The Price Is Right in Austin. Here’s our super select guide to the things you absolutely can’t afford to miss.
[September 21–30]


Wild Things
We have come a long way from our days as hunters and gatherers, yet there is still deep satisfaction in catching a fish and cooking it yourself. Jesse Griffiths, the Austin butcher and proprietor of the locavore-style food enterprise Dai Due, has tapped into that primordial urge with his book Afield, a sort of field guide to preparing game for both experienced and new hunters. “I consider fishing and

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