The Education of Laura Bush

She has learned what is expected of her, and she'll do what she has to do: An exclusive interview with the first lady.
On the ranch at Crawford, looking over new construction.
Photograph by Charles Ommanney

I met Laura Bush for the first time in early May 1995. An interview I had scheduled with the governor had to be changed from afternoon to evening and from the Capitol to the Governor’s Mansion. I was invited to a casual dinner, along with my wife. Mrs. Bush would be there. The interview was a lost cause, but the evening wasn’t. Most of the conversation is lost to memory, other than that it consisted mainly of nonpolitical small talk and the governor’s reports of phone calls from aides updating him on the progress of House floor action on his education bill, but at one point the antics of a prominent Texan popped up in the discussion—sorry, no names. I observed that he had once accused

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