Epic Western

With its frontier history and pampered getaways, Graham is riding high.
Main attractions: The National Theatre on the square and sunflowers near the Wildcatter Ranch.
Photograph by Allison Smith

Tell people you’re going to Graham and most ask, “Where?” Those who know that the town is 88 miles northwest of Fort Worth ask, “Why?”

The answer, more epic than you might imagine, begins pleasantly enough with high-caliber scenery. Forget your flat misconceptions of north-central Texas. Instead, picture geo-drama that even Bandera would envy. Wedged in the fork of two creeks, Graham (population: 8,691) sits among a bundle of rocky knobs, grassy plateaus, and boulder-strewn cliffs. For a lordly overview of this rambunctious terrain, huff your way up a stony path flanked by irises gone wild in Victory Park, smack-dab in the middle of town. From the summit of Standpipe Mountain, you’ll have


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