The Eyes of Texas Aren’t Upon It

As questions swirl about the future of UT and the Big 12, the Longhorn Network is now on the air. Sort of.
Mack Brown and Chris Fowler. Photo by Joe Faraoni/ESPN

The Longhorn Network came to life on August 26 with a stirring introductory montage narrated by the actor Matthew McConaughey. “Ours is the color of the sunset and leather,” the famous University of Texas Ex intoned. Then, a few lines later: “One flag, one star, one state, one school.”

He might as well have added, “We’re Texas—and you’re not!”

Never has a single television channel caused such controversy without reaching any viewers. Long before its first live football broadcast—the Texas-Rice game Saturday night—the Longhorn Network had been blamed for Texas A&M’s leaving the Big 12 Conference and inspired an NCAA moratorium against broadcasting high school football.

The ESPN owned-operated, UT-branded network is

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