Fightin’ Words: Progress Texas vs. TPPF Over Virtual Schools

Wonks ahoy! Are virtual schools good for a students? Conflicting reports, one fromt he influential conservative think tank the Texas Public Policy Foudnation, and a reply from Progress Texas. 
Wed May 23, 2012 3:08 pm

for-profit education companies are attacking Texas public schools, promoting virtual schools, and putting profits ahead of the education needs of Texas children. These virtual schools are largely unaccountable to Texas taxpayers, despite the fact that their students receive the exact same amount of funding as students who attend traditional public schools. In fact, virtual school students are funded at the same level of traditional public school students thanks to a law passed by Republican Senate Education Chair Florence Shapiro, who sits on ALEC’s Education Task Force which is Co-chaired by employees of private companies that own and operate virtual schools in Texas.

The virtual school movement is a $24 billion industry with zero accountability. Virtual schools provide unregulated financial windfalls to a few insiders by shortchanging our children’s education. To help combat the enormous influence of these companies, ALEC, and TPPF, Progress Texas has published a new report, titled  Invisible Schools, Invisible Success.

The report examines who is promoting virtual schools through ALEC, how those corporations are tied to Texas, the evolution of virtual schools in Texas, and why virtual schools don’t work. The report also contains a point-by-point exposure of the latest virtual school paper published by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, who last week  penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal stating their proud support of ALEC, even

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