Five Questions: What’s Next for Johnny Heisman

Now that Johnny Football is officially Johnny Heisman, what’s in store for Texas A&M and its star quarterback? Besides the Cotton Bowl and tonight's Letterman Top 10, that is. 
Mon December 10, 2012 7:20 pm
Texas A&M

Now that Johnny “Johnny Football” Manziel is officially “Johnny Heisman,” what’s in store for Texas A&M and its star quarterback? Besides the Cotton Bowl and tonight’s Letterman Top 10, that is. 

In the view of Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle, the Tyler-born and Kerrville-raised Manziel “is the most popular football player in the State of Texas (that includes Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys), and will be for the foreseeable future.”

“A freshman winning sports’ greatest individual award? Next thing you know, the kid will want to vote,”  joked Kevin Sherrington of the  Dallas Morning News.

(At least, we think it was a joke. Manziel turned 20 last Thursday.)

But did you think the first-ever freshman Heisman Trophy winner would just get to savor it? Not in today’s go-go media environment. Here’s five questions people are already asking about A&M and Manziel’s future:

Yup, that’s the downside to winning the most prestigious award in college football in your first year as a starter: pressure’s on! Only one player has ever won the Heisman twice, as this tweet from Texas Monthly’s Brian Sweany addressed:

Numerous columns about Manziel, including Sherrington’s, skipped right to this issue.  Heisman Pundit’s Chris Huston  weighed in with a piece headlined, “Why Johnny Manziel will never win another Heisman Trophy,” while Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated simply  noted that “in today’s

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