The Framing of Mario Medina?

We may never know if a young American really murdered the editor of Nuevo Laredo's largest newspaper. In the Mexican criminal justice system, guilt is often beside the point.

ONE THING I’VE LEARNED as a journalist working on the border is that stepping into the space of a criminal investigation in Mexico can be something like entering the world of magical realism. I was reminded of this in May, when I arrived one Friday morning during visiting hours at the Cereso II prison, in Nuevo Laredo. As I walked toward the sprawling, unpainted cinder-block complex, I mentally ran through my list of questions and tried to picture the person I was about to interview: He was a 23-year-old gay man from across the border, a Laredo native named Mario Medina who had supposedly confessed to slaying 42-year-old Roberto Javier Mora García in the early-morning hours of March 19. Mora had been the editor of El Mañana, Nuevo Laredo’s most

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