This sports-crazed Dallas suburb may be one of the fastest-growing places in the country, but you can still find signs of its cattle-driving past.
Double Dip Frozen Custard
Photograph by Darren Braun

Manny’s Tex-Mex Grill

Let’s be honest: Can any-thing beat crispy beef tacos with a side of creamy refried beans and fluffy rice? Local love for Manny Ramos’s no-fuss approach to this iconic food recently prompted him to move into a bigger space, where game days reel in fans who plant it at the bar surrounded by ESPN-tuned flat-screen televisions. Unless you designate a driver, though, go slow: Word is, the margarita on the rocks can be heady. 6705 Main, 972-377-6765,

Skatebus Skateshop

When it’s time to graduate from an off-the-rack skateboard to customized wheels, visit Austin Fernandez’s laboratory of everything you need to Frankenstein your own gear. Choose from one hundred wood decks—illustrated with, say, a glow-eyed red skeleton or candy-colored imaginary creatures—then move on to dozens of flashy wheels and trucks. Fernandez will assemble your selections for free, and in ten minutes flat you’ll be pulling a backside 180. 6726 W. Main, 469-362-5505,

 Horse Hardware

A big ballpark, a shiny mall, and some fancy restaurants notwithstanding, Frisco is still a horse town. Barn basics like currycombs and bridles can be found in this store, but what really makes it shine is the monogramming machine that trans-forms saddle pads and blankets into bespoke creations. And forget the sugar cubes; instead, feed your pampered equine some organic Withers & Withers horse treats. If you don’t have a jumper in a stable, the natty button-downs, blazers, and Ariat leather boots may make you reconsider getting on the show circuit. 6943 W. Main, 972-334-0261,

 Fifth Street Patio Cafe

Shrimp, goat cheese, and bacon pasta or spinach-strawberry salad? Chicken curry salad sandwich or fried-shrimp po’ boy? So goes the daily indecision of this cafe’s hungry lunchtime patrons. You could spare yourself the long wait at the counter by phoning in your order, but then you wouldn’t have the satisfaction of watching well-groomed ladies lean

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