Full Nelson

The complete Willie-ography.

Ain’t it funny how time slips away? Before you know it, you’ve made two hundred albums, thirty movies, and had one amazing career. What follows is the Compleat Willie: a discography— including every U.S. album release as well as his early 45 rpm singles (before he signed with RCA in 1965)—and a filmography, featuring starring roles and bit parts. Every phase and stage of Willie Nelson.

Early 45’s

No Place for Me/Lumberjack (Willie Nelson Records, Stardate, 1957)
The Storm Has Just Begun/Man With the Blues (D, 1959)
What a Way to Live/Misery Mansion (D, 1960)
What a Way to Live/Misery Mountain (Betty reissue, 1961)
The Part Where I Cry/Mr. Record Man (Liberty, 1961)
Chain of Love/Willingly (with Shirley Collie) (Liberty, 1962)
The Storm Has Just Begun/Man With the Blues (Betty, 1962)
Touch Me/Where My House Lives (with Shirley Collie) (Liberty, 1962)
Night Life/Rainy Day Blues ( RX, 1962)
You Dream About Me/This Is My Destiny (Liberty, 1963)
Wake Me When It’s Over/There’s Gonna Be Love in My House (Liberty, 1963)
Half a Man/The Last Letter (Liberty, 1963)
Take My Word/Feed It a Memory (Liberty, 1963)
You Took My Happy Away/How Long Is Forever (Liberty, 1963)
Night Life/Rainy Day Blues (Bellaire reissue, 1963)
I Never Cared for You/You Left Me (Monument, 1964)
Am I Blue/There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Liberty, 1964)
River Boy/Opportunity to Cry (Liberty, 1964)


And Then I Wrote (Liberty, 1962)
Here’s Willie Nelson (Liberty, 1963)
Country Willie: His Own Songs ( RCA, 1965)
Country Favorites—Willie Nelson Style ( RCA, 1966)
Hello Walls (Sunset, 1966)
Country Music Concert: Live at Panther Hall ( RCA, 1966)
Make Way for Willie Nelson ( RCA, 1967)
The Party’s Over ( RCA, 1967)
Texas in My Soul ( RCA, 1968)
Good Times ( RCA, 1968)
My Own Peculiar Way ( RCA, 1968)
Both Sides Now ( RCA, 1970)
The Troublemaker (Atlantic, 1970)
Laying My Burdens Down ( RCA, 1970)
Columbus Stockade Blues ( RCA-Camden, 1970)
Willie Nelson and Family ( RCA, 1971)
Yesterday’s Wine ( RCA, 1971)
The Words Don’t Fit the Picture ( RCA, 1972)
The Willie Way ( RCA, 1972)
Country Winners ( RCA-Camden, 1973)
Shotgun Willie (Atlantic, 1973)
The Best of Willie Nelson (United Artists, 1973)
Spotlight on Willie Nelson ( RCA-Camden, 1974)
Phases and Stages (Atlantic, 1974)
Red Headed Stranger (Columbia, 1975)
Yesterday’s Wine ( RCA reissue, 1975)
Country Willie (United Artists, 1975)
Country Willie (Liberty reissue, 1975)
Classic Willie Nelson (United Artists, 1975)
What Can You Do to Me Now ( RCA, 1975)
Columbus Stockade Blues (Pickwick reissue, 1976)
Wanted: The Outlaws (with Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser) ( RCA, 1976)
Texas Country (United Artists, 1976)
The Sound in Your Mind (Columbia, 1976)
Willie Nelson Live ( RCA, 1976)
Phases and Stages (Atlantic reissue, 1976)
The Troublemaker (Columbia reissue, 1976)
Willie Nelson and His Friends (Plantation, 1976)
Wishing You a Merry Christmas ( RCA, 1976)
Before His Time ( RCA, 1977)
Seasons of My Heart (Pickwick, 1977)
To Lefty From Willie (Columbia, 1977)
1961 (Double Barrel, 1977)
Waylon and Willie (with Waylon Jennings) ( RCA, 1978)
Stardust (Columbia, 1978)
There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight (United Artists, 1978)
Hello Walls (Pickwick reissue, 1978)
Willie and Family Live (Columbia, 1978)
Face of a Fighter (Mercury/Lone Star, 1978)
Six Pack, Vol. 1 (Mercury, 1978)
Sweet Memories ( RCA, 1979)
Greatest Hits ( RCA, 1979)
Music From The Electric Horseman (Columbia, 1979)
One for the Road (with Leon Russell) (Columbia, 1979)
Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson (Columbia, 1979)
Pretty Paper (Columbia, 1979)
Family Bible ( MCA, 1980)
Willie Nelson: Country Superstar (Candlelite, 1980)
Danny Davis and Willie Nelson With the Nashville Brass ( RCA, 1980)
Family Album (Soundmark,1980)
San Antonio Rose (with Ray Price) (Columbia, 1980)
Yesterday’s Wine ( RCA reissue, 1980)
Music From Honeysuckle Rose (Columbia, 1980)
Willie and David (with David Allen Coe) (Plantation, 1980)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Columbia, 1981)
The Minstrel Man ( RCA, 1981)
Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits … And Some That Will Be (Columbia, 1981)
Once More With Feeling ( RCA, 1981)
Always on My Mind (Columbia, 1982)
Slow Down Old World (Aura, 1982)
The Best of Willie ( RCA, 1982)
The Sound in Your Mind (Columbia, 1982)
Old Friends (with Roger Miller) (Columbia, 1982)
Kris, Willie, Dolly, and Brenda … The Winning Hand (Monument, 1982)
In the Jailhouse Now (with Webb Pierce) (Columbia, 1982)
The Poet (Accord, 1982)
Love and Pain (Aura, 1982)
Outlaw Reunion, Vols. 1 and 2 (Aura, 1982)
WWII (with Waylon Jennings) ( RCA, 1982)
The Hungry Years (Plantation, 1982)
Vintage Willie Nelson (Delta, 1982)
Diamonds in the Rough (Delta, 1982)
The Best of Willie Nelson (Liberty reissue, 1982)
Willie Nelson and Johnny Lee (Intermedia, 1982)
Red Headed Stranger (Columbia reissue, 1982)
Pancho and Lefty (with Merle Haggard) (Epic, 1982)
Willie or Won’t He (Allegiance, 1983)
Even Then (Country Fidelity, 1983)
The Legend Begins (Takoma, 1983)
Just Plain Willie (Columbia, 1983)
Tougher Than Leather (Columbia, 1983)
20 Early Memories (Plantation, 1983)
Take It to the Limit (with Waylon Jennings) (Columbia, 1983)
Country and Western Classics (Time-Life, 1983)
Original Artists Collectors Series (Exact, 1983)
Broken Promises (Intermedia, 1983)
Willie Nelson (Columbia box set, 1983)
My Own Way ( RCA, 1983)
Without a Song (Columbia, 1983)
Just Plain Willie, Vols. 1, 2, and 3 (Columbia, 1984)
City of New Orleans (Columbia, 1984)
Angel Eyes (featuring Jackie King) (Columbia, 1984)
Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me ( RCA, 1984)
There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Liberty reissue, 1984)
Willie Nelson: Collector Series (Columbia, 1984)
The Original Willie Nelson (Classic Collections, 1984)
Willie Nelson and David Houston (Tudor, 1984)
Willie Nelson and Mickey Gilley (Tudor, 1984)
Songs From My Heart ( RCA, 1984)
Ballads: Willie and Ronnie Milsap ( RCA, 1984)
Vintage Willie Nelson (Delta, 1984)
Music From Songwriter (with Kris Kristofferson) (Columbia, 1984)
Wild and Willie (Allegiance, 1984)

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