Full Nelson

The complete Willie-ography.

Ain’t it funny how time slips away? Before you know it, you’ve made two hundred albums, thirty movies, and had one amazing career. What follows is the Compleat Willie: a discography— including every U.S. album release as well as his early 45 rpm singles (before he signed with RCA in 1965)—and a filmography, featuring starring roles and bit parts. Every phase and stage of Willie Nelson.

Early 45’s

No Place for Me/Lumberjack (Willie Nelson Records, Stardate, 1957)
The Storm Has Just Begun/Man With the Blues (D, 1959)
What a Way to Live/Misery Mansion (D, 1960)
What a Way to Live/Misery Mountain (Betty reissue, 1961)
The Part Where I Cry/Mr. Record Man (Liberty, 1961)
Chain of Love/Willingly (with Shirley Collie) (Liberty, 1962)
The Storm Has Just Begun/Man With the Blues (Betty, 1962)
Touch Me/Where My House Lives (with Shirley Collie) (Liberty, 1962)
Night Life/Rainy Day Blues ( RX, 1962)
You Dream About Me/This Is My Destiny (Liberty, 1963)
Wake Me When It’s Over/There’s Gonna Be Love in My House (Liberty, 1963)
Half a Man/The Last Letter (Liberty, 1963)
Take My Word/Feed It a Memory (Liberty, 1963)
You Took My Happy Away/How Long Is Forever (Liberty, 1963)
Night Life/Rainy Day Blues (Bellaire reissue, 1963)
I Never Cared for You/You Left Me (Monument, 1964)
Am I Blue/There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight (Liberty, 1964)
River Boy/Opportunity to Cry (Liberty, 1964)


And Then I Wrote (Liberty, 1962)
Here’s Willie Nelson (Liberty, 1963)
Country Willie: His Own Songs ( RCA, 1965)
Country Favorites—Willie Nelson Style ( RCA, 1966)
Hello Walls (Sunset, 1966)
Country Music Concert: Live at Panther Hall ( RCA, 1966)
Make Way for Willie Nelson ( RCA, 1967)
The Party’s Over ( RCA, 1967)
Texas in My Soul ( RCA, 1968)
Good Times (

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