Galveston Makes Lemonade

After the island lost more than 35,000 trees to Hurricane Ike, a group of artists carved 35 stumps into beautiful and intricate sculptures.
Jimmy Phillips has carved several of the 35 tree sculptures dotting Galveston Island. Photo by Carlos Antonio Rios

The lush canopy of trees shading Galveston’s Victorian homes is gone, claimed by the saltwater storm surge of Hurricane Ike. But in the three years since the storm, the barrier island’s citizens have led a grassroots effort to preserve the memory of the trees by carving more than 35 sculptures from the remaining stumps, which stand among thousands of replanted saplings.

More than 35,000 of Galveston’s trees—many planted after the devastating 1900 hurricane—were cut down after Ike. The tree sculptures, carved from stumps still rooted in the ground, have become a whimsical

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