A Gentleman and a Scholar

On Tuesday, the Texas Legislature took a few moments to swoon over RGIII.
Tue March 12, 2013 5:15 pm
Texas Senate Media Services

Some Texans are great quarterbacks, and some are great at Latin, and then there’s Robert Griffin III.

RGIII, to use his nickname, is the Baylor star from Copperas Cove who won the Heisman trophy in 2011 and was promptly drafted by the Washington Redskins. In his first year as quarterback, he led the team to win the NFC East title, and last month the Associated Press named Griffin the NFL Offensive Rookie of the year. On March 12, RGIII became the second Heisman trophy winner (after Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel) to be honored by the Texas Legislature during the 83rd regular session.

Prior to all of this, let the record show, RGIII was a student in Tommye Lou Davis’s intensive summer Latin course at Baylor, where he mastered a semester’s worth of the language over the course of one summer month in Waco. He was always prepared for class, said Davis (who is now Baylor’s vice-president for constituent engagement), and an excellent student. Having previously secured his permission to do so, Davis confided that the lowest grade he ever earned on an assignment was a 93. The other students in the classroom recognized him as a natural leader. If Griffin was tired, Davis explained—he had to work out before class, and so his days started around five in the morning—he would go sit by the window for some fresh air, and other students would go sit by the window too.

RGIII has been in Texas for the past couple of

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