Glenn Beck Versus American Airlines

The conservative talk show host, who says he was mistreated by a liberal AA flight attendant, has devoted segments to the airline for the past two days. 
Thu September 6, 2012 8:30 pm | George Lange

If there’s no such thing as bad publicity, Glenn Beck has just given American Airlines valuable free airtime.

The Metroplex-based conservative talk show host devoted a big chunk of his Tuesday show to attacking the airline. Beck claims he was mistreated by an American flight attendant on a flight home from New York over Labor Day weekend. 

“I want to personally thank American Airlines for bringing to my attention that they don’t mean ‘American Airlines—they mean ‘liberal American Airlines’ apparently,” Beck said.

You can read his comments  here, or watch Beck let it rip on video:

Billy Hallowell of Beck’s own site The Blaze sums it up from Beck’s perspective, writing that the flight attendant “seemingly went out of his way to treat him with malice.”

Hallowell continued:

While this man was purportedly kind to others on the flight, he barked “breakfast” at Beck and slammed a soda down on his tray (and those are only two examples).”

“Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me,”  Beck said. “I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City.”

Beck maintained that he had never experienced service that was “specifically designed to make me feel subhuman.” The host described how the attendant loudly told other passengers his life story — about how he was a former Israeli soldier and that he truly values the very liberal cities that exist in America. Clearly, these were details that were spouted as digs aimed at Beck.

The incident capped off what was apparently, for Beck, a wildly unpleasant visit to New York, which he called “one of the greatest cities in America” while also saying it is now “a very vile and hateful place, if you happen to have a different opinion.”

As Anne Merland of the Dallas Observer wrote:

The Passion of Glenn Beck began in New York over the weekend, when he says he was treated rudely in a “minority-owned” barbecue shop and

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