Going Out In Style

At Houston’s most elegant funeral home, death is just an excuse for the last, best party you’ll ever attend.
Going Out In Style
THE DEPARTED: The viewing for Bradshaw-Carter’s co-founder Ron Bradshaw, who died last June.
Photograph by George Hixson

Before I could even knock, the front door of Bradshaw-Carter Memorial & Funeral Services, on the edge of Houston’s posh River Oaks neighborhood, opened without a whisper, and there stood the proprietor: a trim, dapper 49-year-old named Tripp Carter, wearing a tailored charcoal-gray suit, a starched white dress shirt, a black-and-white-striped Brooks Brothers tie, black Gucci slip-ons, and a Rolex watch. “Come in, my friend, come in,” he said as he pulled the door farther back, ushering me into a breathtakingly high-ceilinged foyer. On one wall was

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