Is T.O. the Good Guy For Once?

The Allen Wranglers released star wide receiver Terrell Owens for no-showing at a children's hospital. But was the boot also about money? Get your popcorn ready. 
Fri June 1, 2012 10:06 pm
Associated Press | Michael Prengler

Get this: things have ended badly for a Texas football team that pinned its hopes and dreams on Terrell Owens. 

“Bit of a scorpion and the frog vibe,”  wrote’s Dan Graziano in reaction to the Allen Wranglers’  announcement that they were releasing “the most highly anticipated player in [Indoor Football League] history.”

Yep, they even called him that in the press release announcing they were dumping him. 

The wide receiver had lived up to his billing on the turf, with ten touchdown catches in eight games for the suburban Dallas franchise. But team president and co-owner Tommy Benizio said there were other problems, particularly Owens’ failure to show up at a team appearance at a local children’s hospital.

Also at issue was Owens’ refusal to play in upcoming road games in Nebraska and Washington, though Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas reported in January that “Owens is only contractually obligated to play in home games, but he can also participate in some road games if he gets a portion of the merchandise sales and gate.”

But where the Wranglers’ press release really buries the lead is with its second-to-last line (as befits lead-burying), which says, “additionally, Owens will no longer participate as a team owner.”

When Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas  first reported the Wranglers’ interest in T.O. on

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