The Good Old Days

Has radio gained the world, only to lose its soul?

The girl had shown up about half-past-one a.m. with a half-filled bottle of rye. Ed signed the radio station off at three a.m. and he knew he couldn’t take the girl home with him because his wife wouldn’t like it. He didn’t have enough money for a hotel so he waltzed this honey down the hall to the main studio. Studio A was a giant room with ceil­ings at least fourteen feet high. Its ad­vantages were many for what Ed had in mind.

It was well out of the way and you could not see into Studio A from the main control room where Ed had been playing records on the “Owl Show.” No one would be coming by the main studio until at least eight in the morning and it wouldn’t take Ed that long to accomplish what he had in mind. But the main advantage to this studio was that it had a large grand piano used for live musical shows. When not in use the piano was covered with a cocoon of padded canvas. It was far better than a bed.

At five in the morning, just as Ed was to consummate his plan, the morn­ing man came into the main control room to sign the station on the air. He threw some

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