The Great Terquasquicentennial Road Trip

Also known as the Quartoseptcentennial Odyssey, it begins on a riverbank in Glen Rose where paluxysaurs roamed 113 million years ago; ends on the south steps of the Capitol, where Rick Perry took his fourth oath of office in January; and stops along the way in other locations (many of them nearly erased by time) that tell the extraordinary story of Texas. Friends and countrymen, the road awaits . . .
The Great Terquasquicentennial Road Trip
Map by Dan Winters

With research by David Moorman, Chester Rosson, and Valerie Wright

In addition to its size (impressive), its mineral wealth (unmatched), and its barbecue (unrivaled anywhere in the universe), Texas is distinguished from the rest of the United States by the grandeur and scope of its history. No other state can claim a past like ours, in part because ours is the only state that was a nation. And so we have the history of a nation, not a state—armies clashing at night, migration and settlement, world-changing discoveries in the lab


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