Hannah Overton’s Case Will be Examined Again

The Court of Criminal Appeals ordered a lower court to examine claims of innocence by the Corpus Christi mother of five, who was charged with capital murder nearly six years ago.
Fri February 10, 2012 1:00 am
Dan Winters

In January, executive editor Pamela Colloff wrote about the Hannah Overton case. Here’s an update to her story.

For anyone who has followed the bewildering path that Hannah Overton’s case has taken since she was charged with capital murder in 2006, yesterday was a monumental day. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals—which has historically shown little interest in siding with defendants who say they were wrongly convicted—ordered the trial court in Hannah’s case to examine her claims of actual innocence.

A Corpus Christi homemaker and mother of five, Hannah was arrested after Andrew Burd—a four-year-old foster child whom she and her husband were in the process of adopting—mysteriously died of a rare case of “salt poisoning.” Hannah, who had no history with CPS, no previous arrests, and no history of violence, was charged with capital murder. Prosecutors painted a macabre portrait, arguing that she snapped under the demands of parenting and

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