Happy 40th Birthday To Us

A sneak peek of the cover of our fortieth anniversary issue and an important announcement regarding the future of TM Daily Post.
Fri January 18, 2013 10:00 pm

Four decades ago, in February 1973, this magazine published its first issue, an 84-page volume with a cover story about Don Meredith. The inaugural Texas Monthly came with a letter of introduction from founding publisher Mike Levy in which he declared that the state was “ready for a really first class magazine that will appeal directly to the sophisticated, cosmopolitan folks that Texans have become.”

That cosmopolitan Texas that Mike was betting on is the theme of the special issue we assembled for our fortieth birthday. In 1973 it was only beginning to emerge; today it is a dominant force. Eighty-five percent of the state’s population now lives in urban (and suburban) areas. Our rural population, though still the nation’s largest, is basically stagnant, while the cities are on rapid growth trajectories.

The cover of our Cities Issue is

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