Happy Trails

Relax, unwind, and get comfy in Comfort, Kerrville, and other Hill Country hamlets.
Rockin River Inn
Photograph by Eileen Schwartz

The Hill Country has something to offer visitors any time of the year. There are no off-seasons here. In the winter it’s a great destination for holiday shopping in the area’s many antiques and specialty shops, visiting indoor museums (like the Cowboy Artists of America Museum in Kerrville), and dining on hearty meals perfectly suited for colder weather (try one of Fredericksburg’s many German restaurants). During the spring and summer, wildflowers are a huge draw, and there’s an abundance of parks for hiking, picnicking, and swimming. Autumn’s temperate days make it the ideal time to enjoy the area’s many attractions—both indoors and out. I’m partial to the outdoors, during the day that is. At night, give me a good mattress and crisp cotton sheets. And I

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