Here Comes the Neighborhood

After fourteen long years, the Bushes have made it back to Preston Hollow. (And they’re finally in the honey pot!)

I live in Preston Hollow, an upscale Dallas neighborhood bounded by Northwest Highway to the south, Royal Lane to the north, Midway Road to the west, and Hillcrest Road to the east. The homes range in price from $450,000 on the southeast end of the neighborhood to the tens of millions in what is known as “the honey pot,” the estate area on the western edge. When I first moved into a condo in Preston Hollow back in 1992, the list of notable neighbors included George W. Bush, then part-owner of the Texas Rangers. He lived less than two minutes away from me in a relatively modest 3,600-square-foot ranch-style house on Northwood (not in the honey pot). He seemed to be just like any other dad. He jogged. He stood in his front yard and threw a tennis ball to one of his dogs. He picked up his twins from school. From time to time he’d take them and his wife, Laura, over to Slider and Blues, the neighborhood dive, and order a greasy pizza. He was amiable and gracious, and his unpretentiousness was impressive. The first time I interviewed him, not long after he’d announced his bid for governor, we met at his office in Preston Center, just a few minutes from his house. It was a dump full of cheap furniture. He threw his Haggar sports coat on the floor and said with a chuckle, “Hey, have a seat if you can find one.”

Fourteen eventful years later, the guy I used to call Bushhead (he called me Hollandsworthless) is coming home, and no

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