Highlights from the Wise County Messenger’s Police Blotter: August through October

From drunk landlords to "sexually-oriented games," the people of Decatur are intent on keeping Wise weird.
Wed November 14, 2012 5:14 am

Back in May, Kristen Tribe, an assistant editor at the Wise County Messenger, pointed out that the Lufkin Daily News’ Police Blotter, which is regularly highlighted here at the TM Daily Post, isn’t the only absurd chronicler of crime in the state. We immediately took a look at December through April of her paper’s blotter, and agreed. The crime of this rural area near the Metroplex was quirky. But was it just a fluke?  You be the judge. On Monday, we brought you items from the blotter from May through July. Read this selection of happenings from August through October:

August 1
“A woman was upset because a tow truck was parked at her neighbor’s house.”

August 1
“A woman reported that her neighbors are playing sexually-oriented games.”

August 3

“A looted automatic-teller machine was discovered beneath a bridge just north of Decatur.

August 4

“A homeowner in Alvord reported they found a knife in their yard that an unknown suspect had used to cut branches off plants in the garden.”

August 6

“A woman reported that her puppy died.”

August 16

“A bathtub was stolen from a residence near Bridgeport.”

August 20

“A woman reported that her soon-to-be ex-stepdaughter was stealing a wheelchair from her home. Deputies discovered the girl had permission from her father to take the handicap accessory.”

“A woman was ‘mooned’ by a male neighbor.” August 24
“Neighbors in Newark got into an argument after one started hitting golf balls at his neighbor’s house.”
“A woman’s boyfriend attempted suicide by hitting himself in the head with a hammer. He failed.”
“A 16-year-old boy became upset after his grandmother told

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