Highlights from the Wise County Messenger’s Police Blotter: May through July

We return to Wise county, home to crime of all stripes, from tip jar theft to assaulting your father on Father's Day.
Tue November 13, 2012 12:02 am

Back in May, Kristen Tribe, an assistant editor at the Wise County Messenger,  pointed out that the Lufkin Daily News’ Police Blotter, which is regularly highlighted here at the TM Daily Post, isn’t the only absurd chronicler of crime in the state. We immediately took a look at December through April of her paper’s blotter, and agreed. The crime of this rural area near the Metroplex was quirky. But was it just a fluke?  You be the judge. Read this selection of events from May through July:

April 30
“A woman filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office because she believes her husband might have lied to her about his actual name and date of birth.”

May 1
“A man reported that someone drove his tractor, which had been parked near Sunset, without permission.”

May 3
“A woman got into an argument with her soon-to-be ex-husband because he’s still living at the house.”

May 8
“Parents in Newark reported that their 7-year-old daughter was missing. It turned out that a neighbor had taken to the girl to dinner without notifying the parents first.”

May 11
“A man living near Bridgeport received a phone call from someone claiming they had deposited $10,000 into

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