The Honeymoon Is Over

For two years the relationship between George W. Bush, Bob Bullock, and Pete Laney was all hugs and kisses. But now that the Governor has presidential potential and a partisan agenda, the state’s top Democrats aren’t swooning anymore.

Call in the lawyers. Check the prenuptial agreement. Cancel the credit cards and put everything in writing.The political honeymoon for George W. Bush is definitely, irrevocably, terminally over. His once-cozy relationships with the Democratic legislative leaders, Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock and Speaker of the House Pete Laney, which were so crucial to the success of his legislative program in 1995, are on the rocks. Property tax relief, his number one priority for the legislative session that begins January 14, is all headache and no relief. Everything, including Bush’s presumed presidential ambitions,is now caught up in Washington-style partisan politics—which has now come to Texas.

A few months ago the 1997 session was shaping

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