Houston Socialite Sues Husband’s Ex-Mistress for Murder-for-Hire Plot

The strange case of Jeffrey and Yvonne Stern gets stranger. Yvonne filed a lawsuit against her husband's ex-mistress, Michelle Gaiser, who is expected to testify that Jeffrey helped plot his wife's murder.
Fri March 9, 2012 10:54 pm

I didn’t see this one coming.

Yvonne Stern, the wife of Houston personal injury attorney Jeffrey Stern, has  filed a civil lawsuit against her husband’s former mistress, Michelle Gaiser, for trying to kill her in three separate murder-for-hire plots. Yvonne accuses Gaiser of assaulting her and causing her emotional distress.

Hell hath no fury like a betrayed wife scorned.

In our February issue,  I wrote about Yvonne, Jeffrey, Michelle, and the various hit men Michelle hired to kill Yvonne. After police finally arrested Michelle and her hit men in the summer of 2010, she fingered Jeffrey as the mastermind behind the entire plot, saying that he paid her to find the hit men and kept paying her to find more hit men after the first group kept bungling the attempts on Yvonne’s life.

In the wake of the sensational allegations, Yvonne filed for divorce. But then came the flabbergasting twist in the story: Yvonne soon dropped her divorce petition and welcomed Jeffrey back into their home, claiming that he had nothing to do with the attempts to kill her. She even stuck by Jeffrey after a grand jury pored over the evidence about the shootings and indicted Jeffrey on charges of solicitiation of capital murder. She said she and her husband were victims of Michelle, whom she described as an obsessed stalker.

In the story I wrote, I quoted from a seventy-page letter that Michelle wrote detailing her affair

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