How To Review ‘The Client List’ In Five Easy Steps

Jennifer Love Hewitt's new drama, which is loosely based on the massage parlor scandal in Odessa, premiered last night. What did television critics make of the show?
Tue April 10, 2012 12:31 am

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s naughty massage drama The Client List, which is set in “Sugarland” and based on the 2010 movie of the same name, premiered last night. The show is a complete reboot of the film, with Love Hewitt playing a similarly-circumstanced but differently-named character (since that character’s story arc was essentially wrapped up in the movie). It also bears little resemblance to  the 2004 Katy Vine TEXAS MONTHLY story that the movie was based on, which happened in Odessa and resulted in the arrest of 68 men.

In both the movie and the series, Hewitt’s character is a single mother (her husband takes off under unknown circumstances) who ends up working at a massage business (called “Rub”) where some of the therapists give “extras.” Below, from the show’s reviews so far at Metacritic, the five things you have to do if you want to write about The Client List: 

1. Mention JLH’s boobs
“Hewitt’s deep-dish cleavage of course is fair game,” writes  Ed Bark of Uncle Barky, and Troy Patterson of Slate observes that “The ideal viewer’s husband will find himself mildly titillated by the views upon Riley’s cleavage.” 

“’The Client List’ is being advertised with  billboards on which each of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts appears to be the size of a studio apartment,” wrote the New York Times’ Mike Hale. He goes on to note that the show’s

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