Ice Guys Finish First

How the Dallas Stars—yes, the Dallas Stars—got to be the most successful, most exciting sports team in Texas.

KEN HITCHCOCK’S COFFEE HADN’T EVEN TOUCHED HIS LIPS when the woman accosted him outside the suburban strip-mall Starbucks. Did she want to say hello? An autograph, perhaps? Or was she one of the real fanatics, eager to tell him how he might do his job better? As it happened, the woman did want to critique his performance: Her floor mats hadn’t been vacuumed, and the exterior shine wasn’t up to snuff. “She was giving me hell for not cleaning her car properly,” recalls Hitchcock, who at the time had been the head coach of the Dallas Stars for just a few months. “She thought I was the manager of the White Glove next door. She gave it to me good.”

That was in 1996. “Now,” Hitchcock notes, “I can’t go anywhere.”

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