The Improbable Rise of Lyle Lovett

After a career singing his own sad, quirky songs, he's playing tribute to the eccentric bunch of redneck rockers who taught him all about Texas music more than twenty years ago.
Shot in New York City, September 12, 2007
Photograph by Peter Yang

In the lobby of a small, exclusive hotel on Manhattan’s East Side, a limo driver and a bellman quietly discuss the whereabouts of Lyle Lovett. “Have you seen him?” asks the driver.

The bellman nods. “Came through just a few minutes ago.”

Was he with his friend?” asks the driver with a slight, coded smile.

The other’s smile is smug with fresh knowledge. “No. Another friend.”

I find him upstairs, in his suite. He comes forward in a black shirt and trousers with a handshake

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